About Rachael

Training Philosophy

The gym isn’t just a place for the guys grunting and slamming weights nor the girls running 10ks
on a treadmill. It’s a place to build confidence. It’s a place to prove to yourself that you can do
anything you put your mind to. By educating you on exercises, what muscle groups they’re
targeting, and proper technique to perform them, I will help you be more confident in and
outside of the gym. Strong is the new sexy, and you’re stronger than you think you are.

About Rachel

Rachel is an engineer by day, but her true passion lies with athletics, fitness, and nutrition.
Rachel was a competitive figure skater for nine years before she traded out toe picks for hockey
pads. In high school Rachel played ice hockey, soccer, softball, and was varsity tennis team
captain. Throughout college Rachel became a competitive motocross racer, winning the 2016
Illinois State Championship. In the past three years, she has undergone a personal physique
transformation, losing over 35 pounds. Rachel has trained clients from 15 to 94 years old in all
different physical conditions.

● Strength Training
● Hypertrophy
● Functional Fitness
● Group Fitness
● ACE Certified Personal Trainer
● CPR & AED Certified
● Functional Movement Screening
● B.S. in Mechanical Engineering
● Former Certified Nursing Assistant
● Former Emergency Medical Technician